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Wednesday, 21 September 2016


With the BOJ last night and FOMC today there is likely to be significant market turbulence even with the likely net announcements not amounting to much. The Fed will reveal today where rates will remain at almost nothing, or be raised to slightly more than almost nothing, and while it's a little hard to see why that should be particularly interesting, the markets will be watching that carefully nonetheless. trade safe!

I've already done two webinars today so I'm going to save myself some time today by using the premarket video and charts that I did this morning for Daily Video Service subscribers at theartofchart.net. I've been doing the charts every morning there for a while but have recently added the video and that is being incorporated into the Daily Video Service next week, by which time we will have settled on a likely new name for the service that is a bit more catchy. The service also includes Stan's post market update video and the private twitter feed which is updated during regular trading hours

I'll be promoting the service quite a bit into the end of September because at the end of this month we are increasing prices for new subscribers from the start of October from $99 per month to $149 per month. We are talking seriously about increasing that again to $199 per month early next year, at which point we still think it would be very cheap relative to the content that we are delivering. We will be increasing the price for the Triple Play Service (which includes the DVS) from $199 per month to $249 per month at the start of October as well. We operate a price guarantee for all subscribers that no price increase will ever be applied to a subscriber who maintains a continuous subscription, so the current prices will be locked in for all existing subscribers and any new subscribers who subscribe before the end of September.

We are offering two week free trials which you can find here, and you won't be charged anything on that unless you continue with us beyond the two week free period. Our conversion rate from trial to subscribers is high, in the month since we introduced these conversion at about 50% I think, and if you want to see why that is, take the trial :-) I suspect you'll be impressed too.

Have a look at the video and charts below and if you think that is too much for you then no problem. If you can see your trading improving with this sort of, modesty aside, very high quality TA based forecasting laying out the higher probability paths on price on a wide range of markets, then I'd suggest making a decision on whether or not to subscribe before the end of the month.

For those of you with me on the gold long there is a chart below and I look at the current status near the end of the video. We are expecting this gold move to at least reach the 1350-60 area at which point anyone trading a single contract would be up twice as much as an annual subscription to the Triple Play Service at theartofchart.net. This is just one example market that I've chosen as a public promo this month. Just sayin'.

Premarket Video from theartofchart.net today.
ES Dec 60min chart:
NQ Dec 60min chart:
TF Dec 60min chart:
DX Dec 60min chart:
CL Nov 60min chart:
NG Nov 60min chart:
GC Dec 60min chart:
ZB Dec 60min chart:
Equity indices have been compressing over the week so far and we are expecting that to end today. For SPX on a break down we would be looking at main rising wedge support in the 2105 area, and on a break below the next target would be in the 2070-80 area. On a break up we'd be looking for a likely retest of the current ATH in the next few days and have our eye on 2210 as a possible new ATH target area. Everyone be careful today. Central bankers may not ever do much that is of actual use, but they can really mess up otherwise decent trades in the turbulence around announcements. Trade safe!

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