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Friday 8 January 2016

In With The New

I'm reorganizing my mornings at the moment to accommodate my increased morning chartload with the futures charts I am doing for theartofchart.net subscribers. There are a lot more charts for me to do now in the mornings, and a subscriber twitter feed to manage intraday, but I should soon be at the stage where I can get the ES, NQ, TF, DX, CL, GC and ZB futures charts posted for subscribers in the hours leading up to a deadline 30 minutes before the open, and then follow up with my free post here ideally before the RTH open, or within the hour afterwards if that's not possible. I'm still working on that but expecting to have shaken down my new morning routine within a couple of weeks. Working on it.

Stan and I are also shaking down the new private twitter feed, mainly intraday ES at the moment but I'm looking at adding intraday signals on CL soon & possibly more later. Yesterday was a very nice day on the feed, with Stan using a short trade 1967 into 1930 in the afternoon as a training exercise, and for those who stayed after the close we did the same on another trade from 1933 up to 1960 from there, though irritatingly ES stalled three ticks short of my ideal 1961 double bottom target at that high. There are no trade recommends on any of our services but we share our signals, setups and are doing a lot of training on how to trade while minimizing risk.

We were thinking that my bonus futures charts and the private twitter feed would be bonus features for our triple play and annual subscribers, but it's becoming obvious that they are natural additions to our daily video update service, as Stan does a daily video update on these instruments  and selected others every night. That's making the $99 per month we are charging for the daily video service look rather too cheap so I suspect the price for that will be rising soon. That won't affect any existing subscribers or those who subscribe before the price rise as we give a price guarantee for all subscriptions that the price will never rise as long as the subscription is maintained continuously, so if you're thinking of trying this, I'd suggest trying it out before the price goes up. At $99 per month, two handles profit on a single ES contract in a month would cover the cost. Personally I spend more than that every month on my morning coffees. If you're interested you can sign up for that on this page here and that is the daily video service.

These are all of the futures charts I posted this morning. On equities there is a possible short term low forming, and we should be close to a strong rally here. In the absence of a trendline break we are looking for a bit lower but we may not see that. I would also draw your attention to the CL chart, where there is a possible major low forming. ES Mar 60min chart:
NQ Mar 60min chart:
TF Mar 60min chart:
DX Mar 60min chart:
CL Feb 60min chart:
GC Feb 60min chart:
ZB Mar 60min chart:
I have open targets below on all indices and I'm expecting those to be hit, though not necessarily before a strong rally. As I haven't managed to do it today I'll be doing a weekend post on the open targets below on SPX, NDX and RUT. I mentioned the open alternate targets on SPX yesterday morning, and they are 1936 or 1924. SPX came close to testing the 1936 target yesterday and that may well be hit today. Everyone have a great weekend. :-)

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